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ECOM - Here you can find our inventory of ECOM products.

Prontosil (Bischoff)0

Prontosil (Bischoff)

Reprosil / Reprogel (Dr. Maisch)0

Reprosil / Reprogel (Dr. Maisch)

Injector Syringes0

Injector Syringes

Rheodyne / Upchurch Valves1

Rheodyne / Upchurch Valves

Injector Rotor Seals / Stators0

Injector Rotor Seals / Stators

Autosampler Syringes / Needles0

Autosampler Syringes / Needles

Check Valves0

Check Valves

Piston Seals0

Piston Seals

Solvent Saver1

Solvent Saver - SmartSaver recycler saves up to 90% of mobile phase by redirection of the pure solvent to the solvent reservoir during the isocratic HPLC. SmartSaver brings quite new approach to solvent recycler design. Very compact instrument is powered directly from chromatography data system PC, no power adapter is required. User friendly software is provided to configure the parameters, and to perform on‐line monitoring/audit trail. Analog input allows unipolar or bipolar operation within range of ± 1V. TTL/contact closure can be configured as start, auto‐zero or valve position control input.

ADAM Scales3

ADAM Scales (Ingress till Adam) Adam Equipment UK is a leading manufacturer of weighing scales and measuring equipment worldwide, specialising in professional laboratory, commercial and industrial scales

Detector Lamps0

Detector Lamps

Chromatography software4

Chromatography Software - Clarity is an advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) with optional software modules for data acquisition, processing and instrument control. Its wide range of data acquisition interfaces (A/D converters, LAN, USB, RS232) allows connection to any GC or LC chromatograph. Up to four independent chromatography systems can be simultaneously connected, each can acquire up to 32 signals.


Refurbished Instruments

HPLC Columns0

HPLC column - High quality HPLC columns from Dr. Maisch and Bischoff Chromatography. From capillary columns to preparative ones. Packing material to users who produce their own columns.

Vials / Caps / Inserts6

Vials for autosamplers from all manufacturers. For HPLC, GC and TOC. Standard 1.5 ml vials with screw cap or snap cap, labled or clear glass. All kinds of micro inserts in glass or plastic, or complete vials with built in inserts.

Syringe Filters5

Syringe filters are used to clean up samples either direct (e.g. water samples from nature) or after sample preparation of biological samples or pharmaceutical substances to prevent particle pollution on the HPLC column or in other sensitive applications. We supply all types of filtering membranes and porosities as well as diameters from 4 to 30 mm. You can also have 47 mm membranes for filtering bigger volumes in a funnel. A porosity of 0.45µm is normally enough for analytical work while you will need 0.20 µm to filtrate away eventual bacterias.

HPLC Refractive Index Detectors1

HPLC Refractive Index Detectors

HPLC Pumps10

Here you will find our inventory of HPLC Pumps.

HPLC Fraction Collectors6

Here you can find our inventory of HPLC Fraction Collectors.

HPLC Fluorescence Detectors2

HPLC Fluorescence Detectors

GC, Gas Chromatographs3

GC, Gas Chromatographs

Freeze Dryers0

Freeze Dryers

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