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ADAM Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of precision balances, analytical balances and moisture analyzers created for laboratories. Durable construction and smart features make Adam balances ideal for all lab applications, including weighing chemicals, pharmaceutical processing and quality control checking. Designed for laboratory professionals, Adam’s digital balances and moisture analyzers are easy to set up and operate, providing reliable weighing results and simplifying complex measurement tasks.


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The ReproSil C18 AQ column has established itself as a standard for catecholamines
separation, one among many other applications which has been solved by this column.
The C18 AQ and many other ReproSil columns and packing materials are developed by

Dr. Albin Maisch in Germany. His columns have extraordinary resolution and peak symmetri.
Most popular particle size is 5 or 3 µm but the Gold Columns with 1.5 µm material
is slowly growing in popularity due to the increased use of LC/MS.
The 3 µm ReproSil packing materials are very much asked for by many CE and microLC users.
They each buy one gram powder to produce their own capillary columns.
Apart from the silica based columns, Dr Maisch has a line of polymeric columns for
separation of organic acids, carbohydrates etc.
These ReproGel columns, normally 250 x 8 mm in size, are as the rest of Maisch´s
column program very priceworthy and give superb resolution.

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DataApex, a privately held company established in 1991, is a developer and manufacturer of chromatography software. The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

DataApex is constantly striving to provide users with efficient and up-to-date tools for chromatography data processing. The current product line called Clarity is already a third generation of chromatography stations. It builds on the connection of expertise gained over the years on the market and flexibility in adopting the most recent trends in the chromatography industry.



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BISCHOFF, Analysentechnik und -geräte GmbH (internationally known as BISCHOFF Chromatography) was founded in 1980 by Klaus Bischoff as a Service Company doing Refill of used HPLC-Columns.  The daily work of K. Bischoff at a well known HPLC-Manufacturer in the fields of Development, Applications, Quality Control, Sales and the intensive relations to well known Professors on foreign and national Universities influences since 1980 the company philosophy. It is our aim to deliver user- and applicationfriendly products of high quality and lifetime which are manufactured with modern technology to reduce costs and lead to reliable solutions. In addition we feel responsible as innovative High-Tech-Company to save resources, improve environmental protection and to dramatically decrease environmental pollution by optimizing separation processes with miniaturisation of instruments at the same time. Due to that reasons the worldwide unique offer for Refill of HPLC-Columns was quickly accepted by customers.


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ECOM Ltd became a world known supplier of equipment’s for liquid chromatography first of detectors for flash, preparative and analytical purpose, just now of complete systems for analytical and preparative HPLC.

The company was formed in October 1991. ECOM Ltd is a Czech company located in Prague providing innovative solutions in the areas of flash, preparative and analytical chromatography and controlling process. Our goal is to continue in high level product development, manufacturing and application.


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